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Jewish PARK(ing) Day is almost here!

Jewish PARK(ing) Day, organized by Mitsui Design, is just under a month away on Friday, September 18th. Do you have a PARK near you?


PARK(ing) Day, an annual open-source event now in its tenth year, has reimagined metered parking spaces around the globe as temporary public “PARKS.” Beginning this year, Mitsui Design is organizing Jewish individuals, organizations, and institutions to jump on board the fun, engage their communities in a totally different way, and bring a temporary splash of nature and public space into the heart of urban Jewish communities.

Mitsui Design is a young social impact venture founded to strengthen Jewish connections to nature through design and community engagement. PARK(ing) Day is an annual open-source event, open to anyone, that temporarily transforms metered parking spaces into “PARK(ing)” spaces: temporary public places. This year, it's on Friday, September 18 - just after Rosh Hashanah 5776. Perfect timing as we'll have just completed the current year of Shmita - rest for the land - and it's time to start building and creating again.

How To Participate

PARK(ing) Day is an open-source event and open to anyone. It’s a chance to literally get out on the streets to engage your community. PARK(ing) Day sites range from the very simple to the amazingly complex – what they have in common is that a few people got together and had some fun making it happen.

The PARK(ing) Day website sums it up well: The best way to participate in PARK(ing) Day is to design and build a PARK. It’s easy – you don’t need to be an artist, community activist or have any special training to do a PARK, but you do need to be aware of your local regulations and do your best to stay within the law.

Mitsui Design is organizing a network of Jewish PARK(ing) Day sites within the larger, global network of sites. To help trigger some ideas, we’re putting together a guide to designing Jewish public spaces. There’s also lots of inspiration on the main PARK(ing) Day website. What’s most exciting is seeing what different sites create.

Planning to host a Jewish PARK(ing) Day site? Make sure to let Mitsui Design know! You’re encouraged to register your site on the general PARK(ing) Day website too. See the resource list below for more, and don’t hesitate to be in touch with us at Mitsui Design as you envision what your PARK can be!


Mitsui Design's Jewish Design Guide – Seven Principles of Design for Jewish PARK(ing) Spaces


PARK(ing) Day 2014 Recap – ASLA

From the official PARK(ing) Day Website:

About PARK(ing) Day

Official PARK(ing) Day Resources

PARK(ing) Day FAQs

PARK(ing) Day License Agreement

DIY Planning Network

Jewish PARK(ing) Day is a subset of PARK(ing) Day, original concept by Rebar Group.

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