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Tension Release Sukkah featured in San Diego Union Tribune

Mitsui Design's recently built sukkah, Tension Release, was featured in an article from the San Diego Union Tribune. The article also features multiple photos of the sukkah, both during and after the volunteer build.

Huts celebrate little-known Jewish festival

Leichtag Foundation held a design contest for 'sukkah,' temporary structures used to celebrate Sukkot

“Tension Release” is the name of the spiral-shaped hut built by Yoshi Silverstein of Washington, D.C. Raised in Spokane by a Jewish father and Chinese mother, Silverstein said he’s passionate about the environment and archaeology and he worked as an outdoor educator at Jewish learning centers in Connecticut and Maryland.

His tentlike sukkah is constructed with a central tent pole of seven bamboo poles connected with hemp rope to 36 smaller bamboo rods arranged in a circular pattern. At the center is a six-sided Jewish star made of rocks. The roof is made from fan palm fronds woven through the rope, and the side walls are rope woven with palm leaves, willow, myrtle and citrus leaves — four elements of the “lulav,” a collection of branches bound together and traditionally shaken during Sukkot celebrations.

Read the entire article.

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