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Tension Release in the "Encinitas Advocate"

Mitsui Design's sukkah, Tension Release, a finalist in the Leichtag Foundation's Sukkot at the Ranch design competition, was featured in an article in the Encinitas Advocate.

Shmita served as this year’s theme for the sukkah design competition.

Yoshi Silverstein, another designer, said “shmita” translates to “release,” an idea he incorporated into his sukkah.

“My sukkah is called ‘Tension and Release,’” Silverstein said. “You can’t have release without tension. So for six years we’re building, we’re working, we’re creating. In the seventh year, we release the land and have that spiritual release as well.”

Silverstein represented tension in his sukkah with bamboo poles strung with hemp cords to a reclaimed bicycle wheel.

“Building sukkahs requires abiding by a lot of rules,” said Silverstein. “Yet there’s a lot of room for interpretation.”

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