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Landscape Design

Mitsui Design offers conceptual landscape design services to schools, institutions, community centers, and residences.


At this time, in-person design services are limited to the New York Metro area. Distance consultations may be available for other locations (we can use photos, satellite imagery and other available forms of information to gather enough information to make useful design recommendations for your site). Please contact us for more information.

Community-based Design

Community-based design is both a product and a process geared towards schools, institutions, and communities looking to engage their constituents in a stronger relationship to place and envision design possibilities for their landscape. 


After informational meetings with key community leaders, the community-based design process moves through stages that may include community visioning and design workshops, educational programming, and stakeholder meetings. These inputs are then compiled, analyzed, and drawn up into conceptual design documents which to help envision an ecologically and educationally engaging communal space and prepare a community for taking the next steps in transforming the landscape through the build process. 

Residential Design

Connection to the landscape begins at home. The residential design process is often less formal than the process for larger institutions. Typically, this process includes an on-site consultation with homeowners and the designer, during which we discuss ideas, challenges, and opportunities for the residential landscape. For some homeowners, this is just what they need to get going on their own.


For those who desire further design work, we discuss and agree upon the scope of work, and the designer then continues with more thorough site inventory and analysis, and then draws up design documents showing the conceptual vision for the home landscape. 

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