Design Projects

Leichtag Foundation National Sukkah Design Competition

Designed around the competition theme of Shmittah, the sabbatical year, this sukkah (temporary shelter) reflects the dynamic between tension and release central to the Jewish experience. Aimpermanent shelter that both shades from the sun yet allows us to see the stars and feel the rain, the sukkah asks us to physically experience this liminal  state of vulnerability. Shaped after the letter Tet, its 36 bamboo posts reflect both a complete cycle and the numerical for double-"Chai," the Hebrew word for life. 

Moongate Chuppah

Yoshi had the good fortune of designing the chuppah for his and Abby's traditional Jewish wedding. To honor his Chinese heritage, the chuppah incorporates a Chinese moongate at its front. The moongate is a classic feature that frames the entry to traditional Chinese gardens. 


The moongate chuppah was masterfully fabricated and decorated from Yoshi's designs by Pavi Designs in Cleveland, OH.  

"Behind the Fence"
Pilot Project
Temple Beth Shalom
Spokane, WA

"Behind the fence" at Temple Beth Shalom, 1.5 acres of undeveloped natural land purchased in the 1960s with the lot that also includes the synagogue, has largely retained its ecological diversity and beauty. Mitsui Design piloted its community design frameworks through a weekend-long series of learning sessions, presentations, and community design workshops, that developed into the conceptual design plan shown here. 

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